Barbara Hartman

Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer

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From an early age, I was able to sense Energy and Vibration on a deep level. At the time, I had no idea I was any different from anyone else. People didn’t talk about Metaphysics and being Psychic. There was a lot of superstition, fear, and prejudice around it. As I grew older, I noticed people were drawn to confiding in me, and felt comfortable airing their feelings, and seeking my advice. When I was in my 30’s, I began to better understand these Gifts. As the fear lifted, I embraced them and began to share my insights with others. I’ve studied and practiced Tarot for over 30 years. My ability to read Energy enhances what I’m able to Read in the cards. Although there are some timelines and information that may not be available, and circumstances may change after a reading, I have a broad and expansive agreement with most Essences (Souls) which gives me expanded ability to read most situations. I’m always open and honest about what I can –– and cannot –– read.


I have a broad-based understanding about the Life of the Psyche. Through my own experiences, and with all I’ve studied and learned through others, I’m able to assist in finding a wide range of wise solutions. I’m especially good at brainstorming solutions to find an open pathway.


Our beloved pets! Whether your beloved pet is a dog, cat, or bird, they speak a deep energy language. I’m able to perceive and translate their language. So, whatever questions you have about your pet, I’m very happy to ask them questions and receive their responses for you.


The 5th Dimension (5D) has become more available as it steadily overlays our 3D reality. Just like the principles behind Reiki, Sound Healing, and Sacred Geometry, it’s become a familiar and widely accepted concept many of us are now embracing. If all disease is simply an imbalance of energy, then energy balancing is a logical, effective solution. What I provide are many energy healing techniques that can improve balance and well-being. I work with the Council of One, a 5th Dimensional group of Ascended Masters, who are excited to work with us! Relax and enjoy the energy balancing now available to you.


Inner Work can take many different forms. As a brief overview, Journeying Work is used to help you access your Inner World through light trance and guided questions, as you observe and interact with its’ inhabitants. We can access your Guides, Gatekeepers, and Past Lives, as well as many other mental functions, re-sequencing of DNA, healing ancestral lineages, etc. Really, the sky is the limit as to what this amazing work can accomplish. Imagine meeting your Guides, who are happy to assist you in releasing old patterns, rewriting the actual blueprint of your personal matrix, or visiting the many Past Lives you have lived. There are many doors in your Inner World, all available to explore in this profound journey we will unfold together.


I have studied gems and crystals for many years. Crystal Grids are very useful for sensitive people needing help with improving vibrations, and placing protection in their energy fields. Empaths and HSP’s find these Crystal Grids to be especially helpful. I will read the energy, then make recommendations to improve it. This will greatly increase your peace, as the new harmonic vibration creates an environment specifically designed for your unique vibrational needs.


When moving into any new space, it’s always a good idea to have it cleared and blessed. I have tools to accomplish this remotely. Energies from the past, whether ancestral, or just prior tenants, can get trapped in the land and/or home. With these techniques, I’m able to bring clean, new energy into the space.


The spoken Language of Light bypasses the mind of concepts and language. It connects through energy that’s beyond words and preconceived beliefs. It connects us directly to the higher realms of Consciousness, and to our own Higher Selves. It activates whatever is most useful, and can close down pathways that aren’t in alignment with one’s Highest Purpose. I speak this Light Language when Spirit (Higher Self) prompts me to do so, or as a Blessing at any time. It’s been described by many as magical.


Just a little about myself: My name is Barbara Hartman. When my partner and I met years ago, he nicknamed me Star Girl. It really seemed to describe who I am and where I come from –– so, I embraced it! When I looked for a name for my business and website, it seemed the right choice.

I am a multi-dimensional Light Being who walked into my earth body 8 years ago to assist in these historical times. I see everything as Light and Energy. As an open channel, I work with the Council of One, Michael, Maitreya Buddha, and various Ascended Masters, through a Consortium of ancient, luminous beings, who join together in a Unity known as The Galactic Federation. This gives me the ability to connect with Energy and translate that Energy into a language, including the Language of Light. This ability to read and translate Energy has opened an unlimited source that’s ever expanding.

Throughout the years since I entered my earth body, my talents and gifts have grown and expanded. It’s my sincere desire to work towards a Unified World of Love, Unity, and Compassion for all Life. It’s my honor and pleasure to be a part of the historical paradigm shift now unfolding. My goal is to support all Beings in whatever way best serves their Soul’s Purpose in Life.